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Swiss Bator . Party is the Club for hot dudes, ga, bisexual, hetero, all men!


men milking machine


we love our penis, bators gooner Switzerland, Europe





men milking machine

Sure, a helping hand of an experiended milker is always welcome.  Milking alwas starts with a hand job. But now ther is the possibility to a specific do the job. It dose not get tiered, you can adjust the speet of the stroking as you like thill 5 strokes per second. Definetely a new men milking experience.

If you are somewhere in the middle of Europe we might be able arrange you first machine miking session, send email @ admin



men milking machine @ Swiss Bator . Party
Venus 2000 - men milking machine @ Swiss Bator . Party
men milking machine @ Swiss Bator . Party
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Bi-Kerle, Bi-Männer, schwul, bisexuell, Wichs Orgie, Männer Orgie   Swiss Bator Party ist der Club für lustvoll und leidenschaftlich masturbierende Männer    SwissBator.PARTY - Wichs Session, Gruppenwichsen, Gruppenwixen, Hetero Männer, Hetro Kerle, gay, Bi-Kerle,   Gruppenwixen, Hetero Männer, Hetro Kerle, gay, Bi-Kerle, Bi-Männer,   SwissBators ist der Club für oft und gerne masturbierende Männer

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